The Piccadilly Hotel

The Piccadilly Hotel - COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

We would like to let you know about our new procedures that have been adapted to ensure you stay with us is as safe as possible.

  • We have implemented new stringent & high standards of cleanliness throughout the premises including guest bedrooms.
  • We have a sanitising station in the reception area as soon as you enter. Please ensure you use it.
  • Due to new government guidelines, there will be no housekeeping service during your stay. The rooms will be cleaned after you depart. All coffee, tea and milk that you do not use should be placed in the bin or you should take it with you.
  • We now operate on the limited capacity of our room stock and monitor public areas in order to be able to maintain social distancing.
  • Please be aware that your body temperature may be checked upon arrival- if your temperature is over 39c your entry will be denied and your booking cancelled without refund.
  • We strongly advise you to use credit/debit cards instead of cash.
  • Photo ID/Passport/Driving Licence is requested upon arrival.
  • We do not provide any meals other than a Breakfast Bag, that should be ordered upon arrival (unless you have that included into the room rate)  The Cost is £6.50 per bag.


Breakfast can be eaten in your room, lounge or you can take it with you. If eating in the lounge, please put all rubbish in the bin. There is no facility for having coffee or tea in the lounge area.

Take Away Breakfast Menu: 

Croissant, Cheese Portion, Yoghurt, Chocolate Brownie, Apple, Orange Juice, Plastic Spoon, Knife and Plate.

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