The Piccadilly Hotel

The Bournemouth Carvery

The Bournemouth Carvery is an addition to the  hotel and the restaurant has been fully refurbished to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A bar and lounge area complement the restaurant where all drinks and  food are competitively priced.

The Bournemouth Carvery runs from 12 noon on Sundays at the Piccadilly Hotel.

Apart from the three meats of the carvery there will be vegan and vegetarian options available as well as additional options for those in the family/group who are not so keen on the carvery offer.

Christmas Carvery

We’ll be serving our delicious carvery on Crristmas Day and Boxing Day 2020.

Christmas Day – £75.00 Per Person
Boxing Day – £26.00 Per Person

Please call for more details.

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